is the main villain of the series, Zelda is the wicked and scheming would-be conqueror of Earth. "Zelda reclaims her own," Dr. Ninestein frequently says whenever Zelda teleports a defeated minion back to the Mars base. She was created to be the bodyguard of the prince of Guk, but was programmed with ambition, leading to the revolt of her and the others. Zelda's voice was provided by Denise Bryer.


Genetic Type: Android

Date of Origin 1534 (1834 Earth)

Next of Kin: Yung-Star

Height: 5"8'

Weight: 104 lbs

Hair: Grey


  • She has power over matter, mainly used to teleport her servants to and from Earth and to manipulate the size of any of her ships or aliens. 
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